Swiss Wellness Center operates on the principles of biological medicine which states that the body is innately primed to protect and heal itself against illnesses. These abilities rest on the body’s physical, mental and spiritual balance.

The health of every biological component that makes us who we are – cells, tissues, enzymes, gut bacteria, thought processes, emotions – is integral in keeping our body’s self-regulating and healing processes in order.

When one or more of these components are compromised, balance is disrupted and diseases are allowed to flourish and take root. Without treating the core issues, and only treating the symptoms, illnesses may recur and over time turn chronic.

The Swiss Art of Cellular Regeneration and Natural Healing (biological medicine) thoroughly identifies the ‘foci’ (multiple underlying root causes) of illnesses and long-term chronic diseases.

It is achieved through a series of individualized patho-psychological assessments of the patient, and improves the conditions of the patient through a holistic ‘non-invasive*’ biological program of detoxification, regulation, balancing and stimulation therapies without the use of any pharmaceutical drugs prescribed in conventional medicine.

Conventional medicine mostly first identifies and addresses the ‘conditions’ or symptoms of the patient’s disease, rather than finding the underlying causes of disease and addressing these causes for effective healing and recovery.

As a result of its high level of specialization, orthodox medicine, (treatment involving drugs and invasive surgery) is unable to sufficiently identify these factors and take them into account. Here’s where integrative medicine comes into play. The combination of holistic and conventional medicine approaches this imbalance in a comprehensive way.

Biological-integrative medicine provides numerous methods for identifying imbalance. The latter is not only evaluated within the scope of interviews, but also revealed by devices.

Today, there are more and more new illnesses that are hard to diagnose, and which do not respond to conventional treatment. Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, burn-out syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome (MCS) are some examples.

For some common conditions and illnesses, the root causes are often neglected. This is the case with metabolic dysfunctions such as overweight, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, neurological dysfunctions due to heavy metals and toxic influence, chronic wear and tear, and susceptibility to infections.

Biological medicine can help pinpoint the root causes of these conditions and treat them accordingly.

Psychic and emotional deficiencies can also be factors in chronic diseases. Often, they remain undetected. If they are severe, they have the potential to significantly affect the body’s natural self-regulating forces. At Swiss Wellness Center, the psychic and emotional component is part of the holistic examination. If necessary, therapists of various fields will be provided to attend the respective physical treatments.

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