Swiss biological medicine is most concerned with;

  • diagnosis using multiple test techniques
  • removing dangerous toxins from the body
  • balancing the acid/alkaline equation in the bloodstream
  • strengthening the immune system
  • intestinal strength
  • rebuilding the physical attributes using holistic and integrative nutritional and bio-molecular peptide therapies

Today, the Swiss Wellness Center group of clinics takes pride in offering an integration of proprietary revitalization therapies, products and treatments, designed as an exclusive medical wellness retreat program, based on scientifically-validated principles of biological medicine.

At the Swiss Wellness Center, you will discover an exclusive world-class program that promises to holistically enrich your therapeutic experience by drawing upon the unrivalled skills and resources of the Swiss tradition of natural well-being.

As a patient, you will learn how to critically examine your illness under the guidance of a qualified medical doctor who has been trained specially in the unique Swiss Wellness Center treatment modalities. This concept of biological medicine identifies the root cause(s) of your illness and not just the symptoms itself; and dispenses appropriate therapies that will stimulate your body’s own natural healing abilities.

Ultimately, with your full cooperation, and with our competency, experience and knowledge, susceptibilities can be detected and the course of the disease reversed, giving you the opportunity to have a robust and fulfilling lifestyle.

Vision, Mission, Position, Promise & Personality



To offer personalised holistic wellness treatment services (protocols) that is customised for innate healing using the principles of Swiss Biological Medicine, in a secure, ultra-exclusive and private setting.



Customisation: Each treatment protocol is customised based on the diagnosis, offering unique healing methodologies of Swiss Biological MedicineCustomisation: Each treatment protocol is customised based on the diagnosis, offering unique healing methodologies of Swiss Biological Medicine

Holistic Treatments: With Swiss Biological Medicine, treatments are for total innate healing, using various detox principles to remove the toxin burden on the physical form, and to only then conduct therapies for repair and rejuvenation.



SWISS WELLNESS is a holistic wellness and rejuvenation concept based on the knowledge and effectiveness of Swiss Biological Medicine and cell therapy.

SWISS WELLNESS strives to guide the local community to acquire lasting wellness and an enriched quality of life by best practice service delivery.

SWISS WELLNESS patients benefit in anti-aging, aesthetic and whole-life disease management.



The patients served by SWISS WELLNESS are assured of receiving world leading holistic care for diseases of the modern age, aesthetics and anti-aging.

SWISS WELLNESS physicians practice confidently following group certification in world leading biological medicine and cell therapy techniques based on successful, tested, clinical practice.

SWISS WELLNESS business vendors and partners adhere to best practice international financial accounting practice and reporting, business methodologies, national regulation compliance and governance.

The SWISS WELLNESS team is conscious and respectful, upholding a position as ambassadors of a national identity and approach to wellness and improved lifestyle.



SWISS WELLNESS aspires to be known as;

  • responsible
  • authentic
  • private
  • exclusive
  • personal
  • valuable

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