Testimonial 1: Mark Jamieson, 54

Constant fatigue and depression had bothered me for many years. I missed my youth where I could jog and go fishing without quickly tiring myself. Medically, I’m healthy. But feeling blue and tired all the time did not make me feel like I was.

I tried exercising moderately, which helped a bit. I took supplements to lower my cholesterol level and yet, I could never get off this feeling of lethargy. Often my mood swings made me give up on whatever it was I was taking to alleviate my pain. Exercising helped, only when I was in the mood, which was rare. Overtime, my temperament worsened.

I visited Swiss Wellness Center because I was depressed and feared that I was heading towards a middle life crisis and might end up doing something I may regret. I looked older than my years as well. The team at the Center helped me diagnose what my problems were – too much toxins, and not enough good bacteria in my gut. I just didn’t know it; my body was a sack of rotting cells, with diseases waiting to happen. Swiss Wellness therapy examined me holistically and not just my illness. Their treatment got rid of my depression, and actually healed me, even if I was by – conventional medical standards – healthy.

Testimonial 2: Miriam Fernandez, 30

was lucky to have a friend who had gone through the Swiss Wellness Therapy in Switzerland. She recommended me to try the program when she found out it was offered here. I had been suffering from gastritis for many years and had learned to live with this affliction. Because of my friend’s suggestion though, I decided to visit The Swiss Wellness Center. The treatment I received at the Center was an eye-opener. My gastric which for many years was caused by an autoimmune disorder I didn’t know about, has almost disappeared. My stomach discomfort has been reduced immensely!

Testimonial 3: Claire Hudson, 26

The staff at SWC is terrific. I felt so embarrassed when I first arrived because of the skin rashes I had had since forever. The medical team treated me well during my treatment. My skin condition has eased up and I have been able eliminate the use of medication and topical steroids as the medical consultants at Swiss Wellness treated my condition at the root of the ailment as oppose to just my symptoms.

Testimonial 4: Madam Marie H. Keller , 40

I wanted to thank you so much for the chance you’ve given me in life. My energy level has never been this great since I hit 30. I never felt more invigorated. I was doubtful at first by the methods of treatment you offer and your weird machines, but your experts’ consultation and the gradual results I was seeing for my condition have cleared my doubt. You guys earned my recommendation.

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