Biological medicine is not a new phenomenon but has evolved into protocols that are showing increasing success in the treatment of auto-immune diseases, chronic inflammation as well rejuvenation for geriatrics. The fundamental of biological medicine is to focus on the body’s natural ability to protect and heal. Treatment modalities vary across the board to include varied principles such as naturopathy, homeopathy, osteopathy and cellular therapy just to name a few. However the process in which these modalities are used varies from specialist to specialist.

While many within the mainstream allopathic medicine community are suspicious of these holistic treatments, biological medicine has been a proven success to over thousands of patients who frequent specialised clinics in Switzerland, for example.

According to the principles of biological medicine, most modern diseases are caused frequently by toxicity. Under normal circumstances, when a healthy body is invaded by a virus or bacteria, the human body naturally produces a fever. The increase in the body’s temperature helps to activate the T-lymphocytes to fight the pathogens, killing of the infection.

However, over time, when toxicity accumulates in the body, the ability to combat viruses or diseases in this manner diminishes. The body cannot work in harmony and eventually, the cup overflows with organs that have over taxed and the whole system fails to work in synchronicity.

With the body out of whack, multi-triggered co-causes or symptoms such as allergies and inflammation rears its ugly head. In conventional medicine, these symptoms are treated in isolation. For example, a medicine in the form of a pill or drug is given to treat the allergy itself. As such, one is treating the symptom but not the root cause of the illness.

At the Swiss Wellness Centre, all patients are tested thoroughly with comprehensive diagnostic protocols. These include non-invasive tests to check for hyperacidity, hyper-proteinization, trace elements, mineral deficiencies, electromagnetic/geopathy loads, psychological chronic loads/ stress and fatty acid profile using world-class diagnostic equipment such as Medi-Pulse Body Check, EAV Check Point, Longevity Scan, Bio-Scan Mineral Analysis, Advanced CRT Computer Regulation Thermography and Darkfield Microscopy, just to name a few. The philosophy behind this approach is to ascertain the whole big picture of the body’s internal condition, to find the trigger points or where the root cause of the illness is occurring from.

By analysing the organ or organs that are not working at optimum capacity, the consultants at the Swiss Wellness Center will then evaluate the results and provide a personalised treatment program that will help detoxify and revitalise the entire body. This is essentially the basis of biomedical medicine where treatment protocols are personalised, as no one size fits all. Hence, individualised protocols are implemented to ensure that the patient’s healing is targeted and more effective.

In order for any therapeutic treatments to be given, it is pertinent that the toxin loads are reduced where possible. This detox protocol can be done in the form of treatments varying from a Liver Detox with Phytotherapy, Chelation, Plaquex Infusion and/or Colon Hydrotherapy. A repair protocol is then implemented to help enhance the body’s natural defence and healing capacity for long-lasting wellness.

Once the patient has undergone a detox and repair program, the rejuvenation protocols can commence. With the toxic burden removed, the patient will experience a more efficient and effective healing progress using the rejuvenation therapies. These rejuvenation therapies are specialised, and include the use of unique peptides, placenta and even cellular therapies which are again individualised based on the personalised programme that has been developed by the consultants at the Swiss Wellness Center.

The Swiss Wellness Centre biological protocols are unique and of a prestige class of its own. One of the most important elements in today’s biological medicine is the use of fresh cell therapy that helps with cellular regeneration. While the conventional biological medical practitioner focuses on diagnostic, detoxification and repair programs, the fourth component is essential.

The re-building of the immunity through vitamin and mineral infusion and fresh cell therapy is the distinguishing factor which sets the Swiss Wellness Centre apart.

By undergoing the full treatment protocols, most patients report healing from auto-immune diseases, chronic inflammation, degenerative conditions, and positively exclaiming that they are now pain-free, more energetic and have a more radiant appearance.

*non-invasive refers to a non-aggressive approach of therapeutic administration; non-surgical and does not cause any major physical modifications, and has minimal side-effects – which is contrary to conventional medicine invasive approaches such as radiation, chemotherapy, surgeries and administration of aggressive pharmaceutical drugs with side-effects – at the expense of the patient’s physical and psychological comfort.

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