The primary role of SWC is rejuvenation. Our aim is to not just add years to your life, but quality to your life. Most patients come to SWC to revitalize their bodies by detoxing and using cellular therapies to regenerate the cellular activity within organs, leaving them feeling energetic and revitalized.

Being specialist in the field of biological medicine, Swiss Wellness Centre also provides specific treatments for various medical conditions, from chronic fatigue, diabetes, endocrinal disorders, heart diseases, and even cancer, illnesses which conventional medicine has failed to relieve or cure completely.

Swiss Wellness Center does not rely solely on conventional diagnoses of your illnesses. Firstly, we have invested in state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that requires specialized training. Our medical experts will then work with you to examine your illness in order to identify its root cause, which requires a comprehensive assessment.

We offer expert counsels and provide Switzerland’s most advanced biological wellness care and treatment modalities to help stimulate your body’s natural healing processes and restore its homeostasis or internal balance.

The uniqueness of SWC is that we are able to integrate complementary as well as non-invasive conventional treatment in our wellness program and combine this with advanced cellular therapy.

We have a high success rate in treating, slowing and even stopping various diseases, such as cancer and auto immune disease. Ultimately, your success rate depends on you, and how long you would be willing to cooperate with us in finding the balance in your body.

Every patient has a different body composition and different stages of degeneration; hence this will impact the length of time required for complete recovery. We can say that due to the extensiveness of our wellness plan, a complete recovery may not be achieved in days. We do not treat only the symptoms of your illnesses, we get to the bottom of it. Following our programs will however, relieve your body from a state of toxicity and rejuvenate it in order for you to have a body that functions at an optimal level.

The stages in our Wellness programs consist of diagnostic, detoxification, therapy, and rejuvenation. We identify issues in your body, help remove accumulated toxins, rebuild your body’s natural defense and healing capacity, and stimulate cell rejuvenation.

A treatment may take several days depending on the program you choose. You may be a walk-in client who has no need for our retreat packages, or you may be someone who wants to experience our Swiss Wellness Center outbound retreat programs. The duration of the retreats range from 2 to 30 days. Our intensive programs may take days, but your personal commitment to the wellness advice we provide at our Center will continue long after your first visit with us.

Treatment costs are based on a patient’s individualized wellness plan, and the Wellness retreat package the patient chooses.

We will provide you with travel, accommodation, meal arrangements and personal nursing assistance during your stay. Our initial consultation with you will require a comprehensive understand of your medical condition in order to ascertain the treatments require, your duration of stay and your dietary needs.

We hold the privacy of your information in the highest regard and will not disclose your information to any third party, under any circumstances with the exception of cases as required by law.

All our medical staff are professionally qualified and certified to practice in the country that our Center operates in. They are also highly trained by our Swiss team of medical advisors for you to fully experience our signature Swiss wellness program.

Yes, by all means, as being comfortable and feeling secure in a serene environment is paramount for your healing program.

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