Swiss Wellness Center offers treatment to your condition with our signature four-paradigm steps – diagnostics, detoxification, therapeutics and revitalization.

Each paradigm covers key principles in the Swiss Art of Cellular Regeneration and Natural Healing to root out the underlying causes of your condition and restore you to your optimum health.

Using a combination of various tests from both holistic and conventional medicine, the Swiss Wellness Center assesses each patient to determine the main cause of their illnesses.


Clinical Diagnosis

  • Live Blood Analysis (Darkfield Microscope)
  • Dried Blood Analysis
  • Heart Rate Variability Test
  • Advanced CRT Computer Regulation Thermography
  • Radiometry Total Body check
  • Free Radical and Antioxidant Capacity testing
  • Skin Aging Analysis & Elasticity Check
  • Bio-Scan Mineral Analysis
  • Longevity Scan
  • LD EAV Point Check
  • Medi-Pulse LD1001 Body Check

Laboratory Tests

  • Comprehensive Blood Tests
  • Nutritional Allergy and Intolerance Test
  • Heavy Metal Test
  • Cancer Profiling & Risk Analysis

Heavy metals and poison detoxification is an integral process in Biological Medicine. SWC detoxification protocol is comprehensive, and personalised to the needs of the patient. The process is targeted at cleansing and purifying the liver, the large and small colon, the lymphatic system and the blood using a myriad of methods and dietary changes.

The therapies featured in this stage include:

  • Liver Detox with Phytotherapy
  • Chelation
  • Plaquex Infusion
  • Colon Hydrotherapy

Our body’s natural repair and regenerative forces may deteriorate over time due to toxic load, regulatory blockages, improper nutrition, and diseases foci.

SWC combines several methods to repair a patient’s immune system, strengthen the intestinal system, enhance blood circulation, and reinforce other physiological processes to restore the body’s internal balance. This stage features:

  • Whole-body Hyperthermia and Local Hyperthermia with 3D imaging
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Vitamin C
  • Pituitary Gland Hormonal Therapy
  • Theragem Gem Light Therapy
  • Magnetic Field Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Intestinal Flora Therapy
  • Trace Element and Vitamin Deficiency Therapy

The fourth and last step of Swiss Wellness Center therapy is to encourage rejuvenation at the cellular levels.

The human body is dynamic, constantly regenerating itself and forming new cells. When the body is no longer able to cope with dysfunctions and strains, chronic illnesses occur.

Swiss Wellness Center tackles this condition with individualized biomolecular peptide therapy to stimulate the body’s renewal process.

These therapies range from oral rejuvenating supplements, bioactive anti-oxidants, to the most advanced bio-molecular peptide therapies. Treatments include:

  • Basic Placenta Oral Therapy
  • Organ-specific Nano Cellular Oral Therapy
  • Fresh Frozen Cell Therapy
  • Precursor Stem Cell Therapy
  • Active Specific Immunotherapy for Autoimmune Disease and Cancer
  • GcMAF Therapy for Biological Immune Support
  • Myopep Peptide Therapy for Metabolic Disorder, Obesity Control and fitness Enhancement
  • Regenapep Peptide Therapy for Inflammatory Conditions and Chronic Pain
  • Enhancepep Peptide Therapy for Sexual Health and Enhancement

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